Be the fastest racer data space has ever seen!


R42 is a fast-paced non-linear VR racing game set on the highways of the digital world. Meet other players or the digital natives while racing for the best time on each track. Defy the laws of reality. Make the ceiling your floor, pass through your obstacles and find crazy shortcuts. Make use of the unique properties of data space, where falling down is the same as falling back in from above. Be the fastest racer data space has ever seen!

What do you mean "non-linear racing"? How does that work?

In R42 you do not race along a given track to reach certain checkpoints and your placement is not determined by your position relative to other racers. Instead you need to traverse a big enough part of each track and make it back to the finish line. The winner is decided by the fastest route. You will not only need enough skill to execute a given route, but also enough creativity to find the fastest one.

Game Information

  • Single Player: yes
  • Multiplayer: online
  • Genre: Racing, VR
  • Early Access: Summer 2019
  • Release Date: 18 06 2022